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The ICPM (Integrated Collaborative Project Management) approach was born from our desire to offer a management service that better protects the quality of the relationship between the parties involved while increasing project efficiency. In this management approach, we assemble an integrated team that works closely and transparently with their client toward the completion of a project that meets the client’s technical and budgetary requirements and adds value to the architecture and design.

For ICPM projects, we provide guidance upstream (needs study and functional/technical plan) so that the developed design includes options that are estimated in real time and match the client’s success factors. By overseeing the entire process, we take responsibility for the project and assemble the best professionals for the job starting on day 1. We focus on agile collaboration throughout the process: By maintaining continuous dialogue between all the professionals involved, we break down silos, set common goals and get the best from the teams involved. Thanks to ICPM, we do more than just deliver projects with outstanding designs and architectures within the desired budgets and timelines; we also cultivate quality working relationships between the professionals involved.

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